The 9mm As a Hunting Cartridge

To be sure, I am not an expert on rifle and pistol cartridge ballistics, nor do i regularly hunt with my 9mm carbine. Used to do however have a recent hunting experience that I would like to quickly go over that has proven to me that the 9mm cartridge is definitely a competent hunting cartridge.

I was invited to go wild boar hunting just outside of Rockdale, Tx with my buddy Shawn S. This became an “at the last minute” invite as Shawn was in route when i got the email. Passionate hunting that we am, I could not to shun the chance to get some hunting in, so i dropped what I was doing and headed to Rockdale. I knew that my chances would be slim since all I had with me at the time was my Hi-Point Arms 9mm Carbine. It didn’t matter. It was a nice day and it would be fun.

Shawn has a hacienda that has been in his family for quite a while and being the passionate rogue that she is, has it set up for deer hunting in a manner that would make any rogue proud. His deer impaired sits about 16 feet in the air and overlooks his deer feeder that is about a hundred and fifty metres out. There are two large office type chairs inside that recline and have nice arm sets. Very comfortable accommodations to say the least. The only problem is that his place is being over run by wild hogs. In the event you didn’t know, Tx has a feral hog population that is in excess of 3 million. So there we were trying to do our part in reducing those numbers. So we waited, and waited but there were no pigs in sight. Pistol Kits AR 9mm

It was just by chance that as i was getting my gear before heading out of the house that we had grabbed one of my predator calls and stuffed it into my front pocket. So, after waiting and watching and enjoying good conversation with Shawn approximately an hour, I suggested that we give my call a go. I pulled the email out and after wasting off a little pocket lint, gave it my best. To your awe after only a minute or two, two coyotes broke through the concealment of a mesquite thicket and endured at the edge of the meadow with ears perked up, look right in our direction. They endured to your right about 60 to 70 metres out. They never saw us in the impaired but instead were deciphering the area below and all over in the attempt to locate and easy meal.

I love to shoot and target practice and do so often inside my little farm just outside of Taylor, Tx and might easily obtain good collections out to 100 metres or so with iron sights but, there I was, not really ready to shoot a wild boar at a hundred and fifty metres with a 9mm but would certainly try to take a coyote at 60 to 70. While still wasting on my call to keep their attention, I swiveled around in my chair with my Hi-Point on hand and came a bead. Hammer… A clean kill. Following this hunting trip, my Hi-Point has earned a higher place on the rifle holder and has made a believer out of me in the capabilities of the 9mm as a hunting cartridge. As for the wild boar, with 3 million of them playing around, our day will come.

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