Safeguard Next to Phishing Some sort of Safer Cyber World

Increased technological innovation and creativity has also given birth to cyber threats and thefts of mission critical corporate data, personal information of employees of the corporate world and even personal information of unsuspecting individuals leading to great bank frauds and money transfers. Further, the adaptation of mobile devices and wireless networks provides a breeding ground for organized kinds of cyber crime. The alarming escalation in cyber crime and security breaches demands tightening of the network security systems.

Although most organizations being technology driven make use of a variety of security policies, the highly sophisticated¬†tor hydra¬†and targeted security attacks like’Phishing’is one of the most commonly employed cyber crime techniques with the sole intention of gaining personal information from the recipient for illegal use. Organizations should thus have time-tested protection from phishing attacks. Survey shows a a lot more than 11% escalation in phishing attacks in the initial quarter of 2011 with enterprise spear phishing as a more common kind of attack towards the 2nd quarter. Hackers that are mixed up in sophisticated phishing attacks target employees and get access to the corporate critical information. The advent of social networking sites has given the hackers a better insight in to the individual’s lifestyles and work environment. Then they draft emails to extract more personal and professional information from the unsuspecting employees.

The large corporate sectors and business houses are today confronted with a major challenge of handling enterprise spear phishing attacks. Being aimed at individuals than technology, anti-phishing softwares don’t provide the necessary level of protection against phishing. Organizations use a number of anti phishing attacks such as for example sender policy framework, email filtering, virus scanning software etc, but these works only to manage the high volume low profile malicious attacks on to the consumer desktops.

A successful way for protection against phishing attacks is to provide the employees with a phishing awareness training designed and streamlined to cut back phishing fail and fall rates. The leaders in field of network security and cyber threats have designed and developed diagnostic solutions that assist in simulating phishing attacks and spear phishing within an organizational network, thus enabling the corporate structure to gauge and analyze the employee readiness against attacks and leverage this for educating the employees. Further, these systems with features of flexibility, scalability, and capability to customize may be deployed either on the premises or on the cloud as a digital connection.

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