How to Distinguish Gold Jewelries From Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold jewelries may be expensive. Its monetary value depends on its value in Karat. It gets more expensive when it is made with precious crystals to enhance its beauty. Indeed, since from the old times, gold has been chosen as silver most preferred by women to accentuate themselves. Most often, you are regarded high in the society when you have these collections of jewelry.

But since gold has become so expensive these days, individuals are given other choices in the form of gold plated jewelries which is very inexpensive and also appealing. Let us see the difference of these two items. How can you tell a pure gold from gold plated one?

24 Karat Gold

The monetary value of Gold depends on its value in karat. The higher the karat of the gold the more expensive it is. 24 karat gold is a pure gold. But it is impossible to make jewelry out of 24 karat since it will be quite soft. You have to mix it with other metal to make it hard.

The karat value of jewelry lets you know of the proportion of gold combined with the other metal. Thus the higher the karat value, the higher the gold proportion of a jewelry which means it is more expensive. aurora

Most gold jewelry available in jewelry stores are 21 years of age karat and 16 karat. Although there are jewelries that are made from smaller Karat of 14 and 10 that are also available. And most of computer is designed with precious rocks like diamonds and other crystals making it more expensive.

Gold Plated Jewelry

This type of jewelry is much more affordable. It is an option for those consumers who can’t afford to have a pure gold jewelry. It simply means that it has at least a 10 karat gold layer over it. Famous term use for it is gold-filled, gold overlay and thrown gold plate.

This jewelry easily would wear away especially if it is use regularly. It seems to lose its shine as well as its color easily especially as it pertains contact with sweat often. It is indeed affordable but it’s not a wise investment for its value does not last long. It is good for products but not worth a set to be pass to your children and grand children.

To check between a fake and real jewelry is to do an acid test or the electronic gold test. And once you get one, make sure to know the details and if you are uncertain about the jewelry you are buying then you can take it to your jeweler and execute a test to see if its real or just a gold plated jewelry.

It is best to buy on reputable jewelry stores so that you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Stay away from buying jewelries from individuals or people you know, If you want then you can get one but make sure to take it first to your jeweler before buying it. It is always good to create a safe purchase since it’s quite a costly investment.

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