An overview of the English Premier League — What to Expect in 2009-2010

One thing we can safely predict about the upcoming English Premier little league season is that it will be interesting; very interesting.

At both ends of the table, as well.

After all, to begin with it does look like, now, we’re going to see a conclusion to the ‘Big Four’ dominance. Even the most confident of the proponents of Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and System must admit that Manchester City have made some pretty good signings and are going to be very competitive this year.

And do Manchester U . s . fans really believe deep down that they’re going to be as strong this time around? Ronaldo, Tevez gone. Giggs, Scholes, Neville nearly gone. Hargreaves — who knows? No, the champions’ proponents must be truly anxious — they have so much depending on Berbatov beginning rationalize his fee and Owen to verify his affirmation that he’s not injury-prone.

Everyone else must think that this year gives them a real opportunity to catch them up.

Having said that, though, Liverpool and System have hardly had relaxing summers, have they? Rafa Benitez has been anxiously trying to retain his midfielders and cajole his board into giving him more money. Meanwhile Arsène Wenger has again been demonstrating his genius by turning Kolo Toure’s £150, 000 newly arriving transfer fee into a £15 million outgoing one. Not to mention getting even more money for Adebayor! On the other hand, he did try to recreate Viera. Did he not see him ‘play’ last season? Watch UEFA Champions League Live

Chelsea are really the only one of the ‘leading lights’ to have enjoyed a settled break, so they really could be regarded as bookies’ favourites. They, though, have the side-effect of yet another new manager — and the formidable expectations of their owner to meet. Of last year’s top four clubs, Chelsea look to achieve the most goals in the individual; they just need their support to rediscover a small amount of their once traditional ‘meanness’ and they could well win the title this year.

Manchester City, however, with their ‘if it moves, sign it’ policy have the chance of realistically competing at the very top end of the table. Their ‘spine’ of the team is beginning to have a very good appearance. Similarly, Everton and Aston Rental property, so promising last year in completely vary type of ways, must think that if they can find a 10% improvement then the Champions’ Little league beckons.

It does look, then, like, for the first time in a long while, there may be six or seven teams in the shake-up for the top places. And what a refreshing change which will be. Add to that, the outlook of Spurs, Western side Pork, Fulham, and Blackburn, and others, chasing for Europa Little league spots at least and it all comes down to a remarkable little league season.

And the other end promises to be just as competitive. Normally, of course, the pundits will automatically look at the three teams coming up from the Champion and with assurance predict that at least two of them will probably go straight back again. But Birmingham and Wolves have noticed administrators who know how to slow out results and players not likely to end up phased by the step-up.

Not only that, but the way that Sunderland and, especially, Hull finished last season, you must think they’ll struggle again this year. Stoke also have to survive that ‘difficult second season’. It does look like Burnley might find life tough but they do play attractive approaching football and have proved last year in cup competitive events that they are quite capable of defeating Premier teams. If they can settle quickly, they could possibly surprise a few more. I hope they can — the Premier Little league can only be a better place with Burnley v Blackburn derby matches to liven it up!

The telly experts adore to keep yelling at us that the Premier Little league is ‘the best in the world’. Certainly it’s the best supported and the most viewed on the box. It does show all the signs this year of being a lot more competitive as well — so it could possibly meet its accounts receivable. It’s certainly going to be well worth watching.

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