All Tour Buses and Shuttle Buses Should have Solar power

All tour busses, school busses and shuttle service busses should have solar power. Why? Well, because they have huge surfaces on the top to put on solar panels and because the price of solar panels in the solar power industry attended way down within the last 10-years.

It would cost less than $5000 per bus to put on solar panels that could operate most of the electrical needs of the bus. If all busses put solar panels on top then the price of solar panels would come down drastically. There would be more money due to the economies of scale to propel the solar power industry to think of new pioneer technology and innovations that would help with more research and development to make them even more efficient on top of that.

School busses run lots of lights that warn individuals that kids will be traversing and all these lights could be run from solar power or from solar power made it easier for batteries. If it was a dark week then of course the alternator would run the lights instead, but also consider that school busses sit over the weekend in the yard and can be generating electricity while parked. นครชัยแอร์

Tour busses often have television sets, refrigerators and air-conditioning all of which have electrical needs and approximately $10, 000 you could set up a very nice solar power system. Shuttle service busses, which take individuals to and from the airport also have lighting needs and hydraulic made it easier for handicap elevators and other very important electrical needs which could all be run by solar power. The great thing about solar power is that it generates energy whenever the sun’s rays is great and apart from the cost to install it, that is free energy. Look at this in 2006.

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